Ed-vise Episode 24

A Winter Olympics GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Yup, the Winter Games have officially started in China! Of course, some governments want to use it as a chance to throw a hissy fit and boycott as a government…like ‘Merica. But, HEY! Whatever! A boycott is just like not going to a restaurant you don’t like so…whatever!

Free For All Friday Ed-vise today. Cause it’s FRIDAY! PIZZA NIGHT AND OPEN MAT!

I’ll start with a question: Is a person making millions of dollars allowed to complain?

Yesterday I wrote about Coach Flores suing the NFL for racial discrimination. He has jeopardized his career with the NFL because of the suit. His salary was around $3 million a year. Not bad. Especially when you think about cost of living in Florida. Which is how much the lowest paid coach in the NFL makes. But, after this suit…probably will be zero from the NFL.

Coach Flores (Coach) loves football. It is his life. He created a winning team. Was in the process of making a “Contender.” Gets fired. Applies for other jobs. Doesn’t get hired. Files suit for discrimination. Which is a form of complaining. Did he have a right to? Outside of the discussion about “access to justice.”

Social media is split. Some support him. Others are along the lines of “You make millions; you have no right to complain.”

Personally, I say “absolutely.” He has an absolute right to complain and should. He was stripped of what he loved (being a head coach). His whole “thing” was to become a coach. A winning coach. He did it. The owner wanted him to lose; to do something that was against his very being. Against EVERYTHING that sports and competition is about. Then was fired…after winning.

Then tries to get rehired. Doors were open to interview but decisions were already made. No job for Coach…and NO REASON OFFERED! And THAT is the problem. THAT is the complaint part! If the other owners were transparent, they would have no problem telling Coach “Why” he did not get the job. Instead, the owners opt for silence, or, outright lies about his qualifications versus the other candidates.

And, because you owners don’t want to tell Coach “Why,” Coach will FORCE you to open up ALL your hiring practices, ALL your exchanges with other owners and coaches, ALL your sins laid bare and make EVERYONE look at your dirty laundry.

People complain when they don’t get answers. Should have given Coach an answer. Now we will ALL get one!

I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember the difference between black eyed peas and chick peas is that BLACK EYED PEAS can SING US A SONG…CHICK PEAS can only HUMMUS ONE! BWAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA


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