Ed-vise: PT test

A drizzle Forward Ambulation GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Yup, bit of rain this morning on the stroll through the hood. Weighs down the branches so I spend half the walk ducking!

Free For All Friday Ed-vise today. Cause it’s FRIDAY! OPEN MAT! PIZZA NIGHT!

Maryland had another shooting at the workplace.

This time the shooter scored 3; wounded 1. Then, in a shootout with police that acted better than Uvalde Po-Pos, one officer was wounded. Shooter was captured.

In the article I read, they interviewed a person wearing a “gun rights” shirt. Pretty obvious the individual had no idea what that meant. And, in another painful truth, probably did not read the actual 2nd Amendment.

When asked about gun rights, the person made known that he felt they were even more important now than ever. He has taken it upon himself to be the “Protector” of his neighborhood by having guns. Then, he made a statement that I hear all the time: “I just feel that I should be able to protect my family.”

I just feel I should be able to protect my family…

Let those words rattle around in your mind for a bit.

I just feel I should be able to protect my family

I think the solution to our gun issue is in those words!

Not only that, but, so many issues in Good Ol’ ‘Murican society could be taken care of just from that statement alone.

Here’s why…

In interviews with many of these gun rights advocates, it is clearly visible that, without a gun, they probably have ZERO chance of protecting ANYONE, let alone their family and neighbors. Overweight and out of shape, the first confrontation would probably send them into cardiac arrest.

So, on the background check form, the first question would require proof of physical ability to protect yourself.

Thus, a PT test would be required. OH HELL YEAH!

Just a standard Physical Training test. It could even be the one the Air Force uses. I’d say Navy but that might require some swimming.

So, dealers would have to administer the test. Video proof would be required to ensure no “pencil whipping” the score.

As an alternative, you could submit proof of martial art participation. That would require a two year minimum proof from a recognized organization. The AJJF or IBJJF would work. Maybe ATA (tae kwon do). MAYBE.

What would this do?

First, the overwhelming positives from exercise have already been set out. No need to go over the science. However, in order to defend yourself and family (as most 2A lovers say), YOU HAVE TO HAVE THE WIND! That means you need a level of conditioning. Otherwise, you just take a beating.

Second, the mental health of physical exertion and exercise cannot be over-stated. Since the 2A lovers keep going back to that, mandating physical conditioning will improve mental health! Side note: it was the REPUBLICAN 2A LOVERS that CUT funding for mental health facilities and services!

Last, getting in shape would require a focused effort and time. No more three day waiting period. You apply and take the PT test. Fail and you can try again when you get in shape. Pass it on the first try, more likely than not you are a fit and well adjusted human. So you get the gun. As a safeguard, the dealer can challenge you to a match in the ring. If you lose, no gun. Sorry! Come back when you can defend yourself!

I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember you are NEVER useless. You can always be used as a BAD EXAMPLE! HAAHAHHAHAHAHA…oooooh


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