Ed-vise: Starbucks

A back on the mat GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Yup, was able to get back on the mat and train. Back still a bit tight but not tight enough to keep me out! I do love my mistress!

What Would You Do Wednesday Ed-vise today. Cause it’s WEDNESDAY! And I do love WEDNESDAYS!

OK. So, Starbucks is closing down around 16 of it’s stores up here in the Northwest.

The company says they are doing it out of concern for the safety of employees due to excess violence from customers and non-customers that come in the store to tear it up.


I say “interesting” because of the optics on this one.

See, the other day I went to a Starbucks in Northeast Portland up by the MLK Convention Center. Early in the am as I had an 8am meeting so I arrived around 7.

I walked up and the first thing I notice is a sign that says “The bathrooms don’t work due to being vandalized.” Well, that sucks. Especially since, in the scheme of bathrooms, I like Starbucks bathrooms. Neat, clean, well stocked. Changing tables readily available (recent upgrade). I give them a B. Security wise…a D. Why? They don’t change the combination on the locks.

Upon entering and placing my order I was able to overhear the one-sided conversation going on between one of the “Locals” and, well, them. Don’t know if they were praying or arguing or simply coming up with brilliant ideas that they simply needed to say outloud. Don’t know. No big deal. OH! SIDENOTE: isn’t it interesting how when YOU talk to God, it is praying yet when GOD talks to you, you are a psychopath.

After a few minutes, a woman came in with three young children. Nothing outrageous until they sat down. Then, this woman lit into those kids big time! From that conversation, safe to say, as a parent, I’m with ya sister! Still, no real big issue here either. Just an angry mom trying to feed her kids.

Now, Starbuck’s does have training to deal with difficult customers. Also to deal with workplace violence. They use a table top format for different scenarios. That’s pretty good. The thing on such training, just as with any training, is you MUST do it over and over and over. You do not get good at something by doing it just once. If you do not practice it (train), then the technology (de-escalation; self defense) will fail you when you need it most.

Now, here’s the optics on this move by Starbucks. See, this year, they had a couple of stores go union. That kind of pissed off the CEO considering he has a union busting reputation. Then, add to that the NLRB has recognized a bunch of unions in Starbucks stores.

So, What Would YOU Do as the CEO/ COO of “The Bucks?” Union stores popping up…probably because your employees are pissed that they are NOT being taken care of. That’s usually why a union shows up.

Customers (The Karen’s) blowing up on employees. People coming in a destroying the bathrooms.

Here’s a little Ed-vise for ya: hire a security firm.

Wait. WHAT? Yup, hire a security firm. All of the safety concerns you are dealing with sit right on the edge of being criminal activity if not already criminal activity. You can hire a security firm to provide you with plain clothes personnel to provide authorized protective activity. Actual trained professionals to deal with the criminal side of things and the overly irate customers.

Second, provide to your employees, adequate employee assistance to help them after they have had to deal with a “Karen” situation. Trust me when I say those situations build up on a person and grinds them down. The wage you pay is NOT enough to deal with that type of abuse.

Last, you, as CEO, step out of your Tower of Power and go to those stores. See what they are actually dealing with and GET INVOLVED! You have a lot of clout to get into those city council meetings and do something. So, DO IT! Shutting down business only makes things worse. Put a Starbucks in any neighborhood and the neighborhood changes for the better. It’s true.

I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember if you only believe 12.5% of the bible, that makes you an…EIGHT-THEIST! HAHAHAHA…hmmm!


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