Ed-vise: Hearing

A three car wrecks GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Yup, on my way back from dropping my Number 1 Daughter at the airport yesterday saw 3 rear end collisions along the 91. Three. Not a bad haul if you were to bet three wrecks in a 20 mile distance.

Technically Talking Tuesday Ed-vise today. Cause it’s TUESDAY…Technically!

OK, I’ve said before I will say it again: Pops was pretty damn good when it came to money.

He has a life insurance policy with John Hancock.

That life insurance policy has what is called a “rider.” A rider is an added bonus to doing business with the company.

This rider sets up so that mom can get reimbursed for expenses paid on the care of Pops. THAT is pretty damn cool! It will offset a large cost on this whole thing.

There is a catch…of course. Mom MUST fill out the paperwork CORRECTLY! No room for “Close Enough For Government Work.” Nope. The paperwork must be filled out EXACTLY how the company wants it filled out. Don’t fill it our correctly and you do not receive the benefit. Simple as that.

So, yesterday, I come into the living room to hear my mom screaming at the John Hancock people about the policy number and name and paperwork. Over and over she is yelling at this person on the other end. It was actually kind of funny…if I’m being honest here.

I take the phone from her because, much like she does, she gets way too spun up on this stuff.

The person on the other end, apparently, has been yelled at before. They seemed a bit flustered but patient none the less. We went back and forth on the “Hello” part. You know, that first part where you go back and forth saying “Hello.” That’s what we did.

As we talked a bit more, the person said “I can barely hear you.”


See, Pops, for all the technology he worked with in his days, has a crappy ass home phone that barely works! The damn thing doesn’t broadcast to the other end very well at all. So, mom is trying to speak to this person who can’t hear her. Add to that (and here is the kicker) SHE DOESN’T HEAR WELL EITHER!

“Does she have a cell phone?” you ask. Yup. Hates using it. I don’t know how that thing is set up but it shouldn’t be set up in a manner where an elderly person is intimidated to use it.

So, people, if you know you have hearing issues, don’t get mad at people who can’t hear you either. Hand the phone off and go from there. Getting pissed off at a customer service agent only guarantees shitty customer service.

I’m just saying and keeping you all up to date on these adventures

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember if you spot an albino Dalmatian…it’s the BEST THING FOR IT! HAHAHAHAHA…get it…spots!


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