Ed-vise: Vote for THAT Guy

A windy evening GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Yup, winter winds blew through the Hood here in Oregon. It was needed to blow that shameful Ducks performance out of here. Great work Beavers…picking up the slack!

Monday Musings Ed-vise today. Cause it’s MONDAY! So GET AFTER IT!

So many elections that are so close! Too close to call a winner. Several needing recounts. One going for a re-vote! That’s actually pretty darn cool in my book. Shows lots of people getting involved in the process of electing people they want to represent them.

Might be because all those voters read my blog on a daily basis. Or, they just took it upon themselves to vote. I say it’s because they read my blog. You can say what you want.

During this election cycle, I began to Muse a bit based on the words that candidates were saying. It reached a point where I began to think the more outrageous the statement, the better for the person making it.

Take Herschel Walker and his outrageous claims of being a police officer and an FBI agent. Every agency points out that he is not. Yet he continues to make the claim. He has other claims that are also flat out lies. And still, he gains support. Almost 2 million people from Georgia voted for the guy.

Which really caused my to muse and ask “why.” Not in a manner like I don’t care about the answer. But in a way that makes me try to find the answer as to “Why” a person would vote for someone who says such things and has done, literally NOTHING, for them.

Would vote for them simply because of the “party.” For no other reason.

At the Republican headquarters, they support Walker despite all of his everythings. They support him NOT for his mental acumen or his leadership ability. NOT for his vision of the future of Good Ol’ ‘Murica. NOT for any of that stuff. No. They support him because they want having a non-thinking body vote Republican is FAR more important than having someone who can think. The Republican headquarters doesn’t want a bunch of “leaders.” That becomes a pain in the ass to manage. They WANT a warm body that does what it’s told…AND NOTHING MORE.

OK, that’s the financial support from the “Mother Ship” toward Walker. That is only a few thousand votes for him. Now, what about the other 1.9 million votes? The people; the you and me types; the average “Joe” and “Jane” who goes into the booth and votes.

First, you have the family lineage of voting whichever way you vote. My dad and grandad voted Republican. I registered Republican but I will vote for the best candidate AND I have written myself in on many occasions.

Second, and probably more importantly, has to do with the marketing. When you bring up the marketing piece, now it no longer relates to politics. It relates to getting someone to buy your product. To buy your BS.

When you look around the internet or news for the Georgia Senate Race it is all about Walker. Google it and you will find whatever outrageous comment Herschel Walker said. You won’t find much about what Warnock (the incumbent) has said or done. Just Walker. Over and over and over again we hear and read about Walker. With almost nothing on Warnock.

The more outrageous the lie Walker says, the more press it receives. Same went for T-Rump. Remember his “I could shoot someone on 5th avenue and people would still vote for me.” Same thing for Walker. Make outrageous claims means your name gets out there. Say mainstream stuff; common sense stuff, and you receive back page coverage at best.

It has something to do with recognition of the name. Say the name a whole bunch. Then, go into a private booth. Look at your ballot. More likely than not, you will vote for the name you know. The name you heard a whole bunch.

In the end, Dems need to make more outrageous claims than people like T-Rump or Walker. Otherwise they will end up having to rely on people taking initiative to read up on the candidates…like that will happen.

I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember if you cannot pay for your exorcism your house will get…RE-POSSESSED! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA…BOOO!


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