Ed-vise: Peripheral

A BRRRRRRR COLD GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Yup, COLD! And I do mean COLD! Shoot! Man! Even the sunshine’s COLD!

Monday Musings Ed-vise today. Cause it’s MONDAY! So GET AFTER IT!

Latest Musings comes from a new show we’ve been watching called The Peripheral.

For those who don’t know it’s premise, I’ll tell you. It’s about an advanced “future” that sends a headset to the past in order to enlist gamers from the past to help the future with their…future problems.

The gamers put the headset on and are transferred into a body called a Peripheral. It’s like a robot but is controlled by the gamers.

It’s a transfer/ transportation of consciousness.

So, in the show, there is a disabled veteran. He was blown up and lost both legs and an arm. Why? Because he didn’t FOLLOW ORDERS and chose…CHOSE…to ignore intel that the enemy was using injured dogs to lure troops out into the open and kill them. Well, guess what? Intel was right and this troop got blowed up.

But I digress…

The veteran is tagged as one of the eligible people to receive this headset that does the transporting. So, his consciousness is transported into the future. In addition, it is transported into a fully functional “body.”

Now, he wants to make this permanent. Meaning his body in the past would have to be kept alive while he uses the Peripheral of the future.

Which got me musing. What if we could transfer consciousness (basically your thoughts and such) into a Peripheral type body? Thus, any handicapped person would be able to have a fully functioning body. The only thing is they would need to make arrangements to keep their existing body alive.

The person would be a fully functional, participating member of society. Able to work, earn, love, run, roll (jiu jitsu of course), all of it. At least in the show. Acceptable?

The main issue would be keeping your existing body alive. Remember, if you die, your still dead even if you are in a Peripheral.

Your body would be in a vegetative state until your eventual demise. But, until then, you’d get to run around and frolic like an almost normal person.

Pretty cool don’t ya think?

I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Take care of yourselves. Check in on each other and remember the Bullet Proof man from Ireland was named…RICK-O-SHEA! HAHAHAHHAHAHA…pew pew!


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