Ed-vise: Budweiser

A late night of jits GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Yup, managed to meet up with some old friends from AJJF and train last night. Good to do some throws and to be thrown. However, makes for a SORE morning!

Think About it Thursday Ed-vise today. Cause it’s THURSDAY! Time to THINK!

Budweiser has a new spokesperson. I never knew Budweiser EVER had a spokesperson.

Needless to say the Red Blooded Good Ol’ ‘Muricans are absolutely FURIOUS about it. Posting on social media of them dumping out the blue cans of Bud Lite. Professing how after 40 years, the relationship is over.

Even that prolific savior of all things ‘Murican, Kid Rock, posted on his social media of him shooting up the cans that HE BOUGHT (money in the bank for Budweiser) and showing how his feelings were hurt because Budweiser has a spokesperson.

Number One Son, in Texas, let me know that those in Texas, are just as pissed. Absolutely livid about what Budweiser did with the spokesperson.

The spokesperson in question is a trans-sexual individual having gone from male to female. Endured the entire procedure and has been for over a year or so. They post about it on social media all the time.


Now, I do not drink Budweiser unless it is the only thing available and it is free…and cold. I have low standards. Otherwise, I don’t. I simply don’t like the taste and it gives me a head full of snot the next morning.

Still, the fake outrage, or the mistaken outrage, clearly shows the shit bag character of those who would break up with a beer after 40 years or shoot up the cans.

So, for these Puss Ass Bitches of ‘Murica, a bit of history that I know they won’t read because the bulk of them, can’t read anyway. Side note: there are more people than teeth in the bulk of those protest postings.

During WW2, when their beloved Ex-President/ Con man T-Rumps dad was busy banging the girlfriends of GIs fighting overseas, Budweiser Beer, in it’s olive drab cans, were available to the troops.

WW1 had Budweiser heading over as well.

Civil war had the founder of Budweiser, actually fighting.

Vietnam, yeah, you know the war, the one that T-Rump DODGED, because he is a DRAFT DODGER! Budweiser was there for the troops. Who wasn’t? T-RUMP!

When our travels to the Middle East came around, us troops weren’t allowed to have alcoholic beverages. What did Budweiser do? Never to miss a war, they ponied up with non-alcoholic and with cans of water (same thing but kind of cool).

Budweiser has been side by side, arm and arm with the US Military since FOREVER!

A lifetime of patriotism means nothing to these Fake Ass “Red Blooded ‘Muricans.” A foundation of support for veterans and ‘Murica is quickly forgotten when Budweiser puts a Trans on the Can.

The good thing about this is that if you are picking your Zombie Apocalypse team, you now know who NOT to have!

Side note: Despite all this, I do support Budweiser’s actions. I just don’t like their beer. Sorry.

I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Be the person a stranger will do CPR on. Check in on each other and remember the guys who play the triangle in the orchestra usually quit because it’s…ONE TING AFTER ANOTHER!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…tear…HAHAHHAHA!


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