Ed-vise: Clarence Thomas

A thought I had an early morning meeting GOOD MORNING!!! to you all! Yup, thought I did but it’s next week. Must be losing my mind because I almost forgot a morning meeting yesterday!

Technically Talking Tuesday Ed-vise today. Cause it’s TUESDAY…Technically.

Justice Clarence Thomas.

Yeah…I’m gonna blog about his mess. Why? Because he was appointed by Reagan, publicly humiliated at the Senate Confirmation hearings over Anita Hill, and who has brought shame to the Supreme Court. He needs removed.

He needs removed not because of his conservative leanings and conservative legal points of view. If anything, those reasons are why he should (or at least someone of similar views) stay on the bench. When it comes to the importance of judicial opinions at that level, there needs to be variety in thought. Otherwise, much gets lost in the conversation because only one side is represented.

No, he needs removed due to his lack of impartiality. In my opinion, the public rightfully believe his opinions are corrupted. And, there isn’t much worse than a corrupt judge.

Things began with his wife who tied her thoughts and mind to T-Rump’s distorted view of ‘Murica. She was fully baptized in the lies that the election was stolen. Despite all proof otherwise, she still believes it. Even though judges are supposed to be impartial and seemingly uninfluenceable when it comes to their judgments, they are human. In the married world, sometimes, it is difficult to separate work life from home life. Plus, add the fact that a decision might impact your wife, it becomes difficult to be impartial.

But now, NOW, we have the revelation of his enjoying the riches of a billionaire.

Clarence has a “friend” in Harlan Crow. Crow has provided Clarence with use of his houses, his yacht. Basically allowed Clarence to enjoy the fruits of being untouchably rich.

Clarence NEVER told anyone.

His defense: It wasn’t required.

Here is some Ed-vise for the Justice: There is what is “right” under the law and what is simply the “right” thing to do.

One is based on statutes and rules, the other is based on ethics.

Was it required for Clarence to disclose his relationship and gifts from the billionaire? I don’t know the specific rules about income reporting within the Supreme Court. However, I do know what the tax code says and YOU’RE F-ING A RIGHT HE NEEDED TO! The HELL!?!?

See, under current tax code, a gift over $16,000 needs reported on your taxes. Clarence received a gift in excess of $250,000! I say that much because I figure the press doubled the actual amount.

$250K!?! He should know good and damn well he needed to report that! Furthermore, that billionaire also needed to disclose giving that amount.

I don’t care what political/ election law says about disclosing gifts and donations. I know what the rule is for us “peasants.” And Clarence broke that rule along with this billionaire buddy.

Last I read, there were no exclusions for being a sitting Supreme Court Justice. NONE. If Chief Justice Roberts wants to protect any shred of dignity for that court, he needs to pressure Thomas to resign. Plain and simple. Otherwise, if I were a lawyer arguing before the Supreme Court, I would throw that in their face every single time I wrote a brief and made oral arguments.

I’d start by saying “if judges don’t need to follow the laws of the United States, why should my client?”

I’m just saying

That’s it for today. Be the person a stranger would do CPR on. Check in on each other and remember a dinosaur dressed like a cowboy is a…TYRANOSAURS TEX! HAHAHHAHHAHA…howdy howdy howdy!


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