Episode 4

Greetings a salutations to those trying to become better people! Today’s bit o trivia: Bacon’s Rebellion.  Mmmmm.  Baaaaconnn.  No, no, no.  Not that as my three year old likes to say.  See in the early, early days of Colonial ‘Merica, you had a bunch of people that owned all the useable land.  Well, they had servants and slaves.  When the servants debtContinue reading “Episode 4”

Ed-vise episode 3

Howdy once again to all my wonderful readers! Apologies for missing Friday. Today’s bit o trivia: Frederic Baur.  A random name from the archives of absolutely amazing inventions.  This former naval doctor graduated from University of Toledo then on to OSU (Ohio not Oregon) to land a PhD.  One of the few people to be buried in his invention in 2008.Continue reading “Ed-vise episode 3”